Thursday, June 20, 2013

Week 11-Thursday

Z was SO lazy today! She did, however come up to me in her new field and walked right over the scary puddle to get out. I didn't really have a plan going out today, just some bonding and saddle work. She's getting so good now on the cross ties. She actually doses off the whole time! I lunged her for a bit under tack in the indoor to get any remaining energy out.
We then took a walk around the indoor as Des has many, many scary things stored in there. Z was so calm and curious. I can't help but laugh, though, and the number of things she tries to eat! Anything and everything that doesn't eat her goes in her mouth: tarp, hay bale jump covers, tires, barrels, deer christmas figures, rails, boards, anything. Silly, silly baby.
There really isn't much else to report on, other than that she will be getting her feet, teeth and coggins done shortly. :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Week 11

I can't believe I haven't posted at all this month. Time has really gotten away from me. I've been so busy with my other mare and, of course, with Z. She's really coming out of her shell and starting to show her silly self. She's a bit pushy at times, but has definitely realized that I'm definitely not going to hurt her. It's really going to be hard to let her go in (OMG.) six weeks. She's such a good girl.
I'm so, so close to riding her. She's telling me she's ready, I just haven't been able to catch a break from the rain. I work her with the saddle in the indoor, but I don't want to get on for the first time in such a big space. And her field has been flooded for almost two weeks.
I guess I can list all the things she does now, lol. I don't want to give the illusion that it was all easy, because most of it wasn't. She does, however, seem to just need a night to think about things. She'll get all frazzled about something new, but if I take her to it the next day, she's totally fine. So here's all the accomplishments of the last few months:
-saddle, girth, bridle
-SMBs on all four feet
-canters on the lunge line
-jumps small jumps when lunging
-wears a fly mask and fly sheet
-stands on cross ties
-stands on the wash cement slab
-stops on voice command
-walk, trot, back when leading
-crosses a tarp
-walks over the "ditch", log and stairs in the jump field
-fly sprays
Today she was allowed to be turned out in a grass field to start to let her field rest and maybe dry out, and she was so good. The only problem was that the fencing is just hot wire tape. She grazed for about an hour before she managed to shock the top of her neck, but she recovered so quickly. She is so cute. She just looked at me like "mom. what was that? it was terrifying. wait, grass. okay." and just went back to eating. I love that she never tries to run away and just lets me walk up to her and walk away without ever running away.
So I think that's an accurate update, and I vow to be more active with this blog again. I figure if I post it online, it will force me to hold myself to it. Thanks everyone who has not forgotten about me. :)

Everyone want to see who the pretty new girl is. :)

LOVING the new grass field.

Prettiest girl.

First time in the cross ties. :)

my lovely, muddy terror. :)

Her typical expression: bored, half asleep, ears going everywhere. <3

"What's that?"

"She's pretty!"

Bath time.

And finally, bonding time. <3 The highlight of this whole experience.

I also want to thank a few people for their continued support over the last few weeks/months. My family, above all, have given me endless emotional and physical support. Next, Desiree Bene and Bekkah Redden, for their physical help at the barn with handling Z while I work with her. Roni Feldman, Carly Dyal, and Cindy Pifer for donating much needed items for the baby girl. Sorry if I forgot anyone, please understand how much I appreciate everything from the occasional "good luck" or "have fun" to the purchases of T-shirts. <3