Thursday, July 25, 2013

Week 16

This week has been so amazing. Z has been consistently ridden, and learns new things so well every day. After we pulled her coggins on Tuesday, I had our vet check her teeth (like a CHAMP) and got the clear to start with a bit. First day with a bit we had awesome brakes and steering. I was shocked and she was amazing. :)
Yesterday we loaded up (for the first time) and she got right on the trailer. Like she had done it her whole life. I can't believe her sometimes. I was such a proud mustang mommy. We went, with Chaeli (and Tyler, lol) and Paisley to the DREAMpark to expose them to some off property surroundings. Z was not so sure about everything, but took it all in stride. That is, until some mysterious ghost popped out and scared the pants off her. It was the first really big spook she has ever done, especially under saddle. Needless to say, I ate dirt, in the most literal sense. Face first into the ground, lol. I have some gnarly scratches on my nose from dirt and my glasses, so wearing them should be fun today. :) Again, I was wearing my helmet, thank God. This horse truly loves to make her physical mark on e known to everyone. Hahahaha. Anyway, we never quite calmed down under saddle, so I just walked her once then got off and tried to get her focused on the ground. In her defense, this was only her second day with a bit, so I'm not surprised I couldn't get her back during her spook. We'll go back today and play on the ground some, since I don't trust my vision with no glasses. But I'm so excited (and nervous) for the makeover. Just over one more week. Oh goodness.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week 15 (only one day, mostly pictures)

So Z took another huge step forward, riding all over the arena completely on her own. She's still unsteady, but very responsive. Anyway, just look at the pictures of my baby!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

End of Week 14

This week, feisty pony moments and all, has truly made all of the burns, blood, sweat, screams, and tears worth it. Today Z made two HUGE steps forward (literally and figuratively) after a weeks of small steps forward and small steps back. This afternoon, I got on to walk Z with my dad leading. I tried so hard to get her to move off my leg, but she was just so confused. We were both patient, but it was like being patient with someone trying to speak Chinese. I never lost my temper, because I knew we'd get it eventually. She's perfect, lol, so I knew, eventually, we'd get it. Eventually, though, we were both sweaty from just sitting there. I had my dad lead us again to test our brakes. She stopped very well, so I took the lead rope from my dad and told him to walk away. I cleared my head and just thought "go" and squeezed my legs and WE HAD MOTION. It clicked, just like that. So I stopped. That moment, was the culmination of three months of work and, honestly, it was one of the best moments of my life.
Z had one more HUGE big girl moment today when she got her feet done. She only needed her front ones, so Steffan (the awesome guy who lassoed Z her first day with me) came and trimmed them. She was so good that he was done before I could even get a picture of it. Lol. It was so cool to hear from someone who interacted with her that first day and then to see her now. She's just so social and dopey. Her #1 priority is getting her face rubbed. I seriously love this horse. She's the perfect example of a mustang. Just sweet, kind, docile, and athletic. I'll miss her so much. <3
Three weeks till competition!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week 14

Oh my goodness. I can't believe we're this far along. Less than 30 days. When did we get here?
Anyway, life threw me a huge curveball two weeks ago when I got into a trailer accident with my other horse, my beloved Mia. I was fine, but she sustained injuries that ultimately led us to the decision to put her down. Needless to say, this threw me quite off track with Z. She, however, has been flawless. Maybe that's jinxing it, but she has so stepped up to the plate, trying to figure out her job and everything that's expected of her. She knows I've been upset, and she's been stellar about catering to me, rather than me always catering to her.
The ongoing joke at the farm now is that I have a defective mustang. LOL. She's half asleep all the time. That personality has let me do so much with her, even without seeing her every day the past few weeks.
Today was the biggest day so far! We rode! Well, kind of. Bekkah led Z around while I sat on her. But still! She's so amazing!! I could not be more proud of her, ever. It's surreal to think that I've done this; that I've taken her from wild to so sweet, loving, and calm. :)

Playing after a long day of work. (The first ride)

Being a dog, licking EVERYTHING.

The defective mustang. I never taught her to stand and let me walk away from her.

Mustang who? (This is all of her late sister's tack. <3 )