Saturday, August 31, 2013

Quick update

So in case some of you didn't know, I've been out of commission for about a week and a half due to major jaw surgery. Bekkah has been awesome enough to work with Z a few times while I'm in recovery. Yesterday was the first day I got out to see her since the surgery last week. I'm still pretty weak since it's so hard to eat, but I walk out back to see her and she was under the run in with the other horses in her field. I yelled "hey, mom!" and she whipped her head up to walk to me, like "where have you been?!" I gave her a good brushing, but frankly, shouldn't have for my own good...but Z is so fat. LOL. I mean, not the fattest, but I'm so used to my skinny OTTBs, not a pony that noticeably gains weight in a week. :)
Anyway, today I went out when Bekkah said she was going to ride. Z is doing so well. She's still opinionated and sassy, but she is learning every day and getting more balanced every single ride. I can't wait to get back on her. I miss my baby.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

I'm not sure how to title these anymore...

So this week was amazing. Z and I finally had relaxed playtime. Clearly, we both needed it. Z spent the week meeting new friends and chasing me for treats. :) Today I decided I had to get back on her, but, it of curiosity, I wanted to see how she would lunge in a neck stretcher. I'd really like to start building her back muscle, but I always feel like draw reins and even side reins put the horse too far on the forehand (not that I don't love their effects on the right horse, lol). So I tacked her up and for about 5 minutes (since she's not used to ANY sort of head restraint, even light and stretchy), I lunged her in the trusty neck stretcher. Oh. My. Goodness. Now when I say she was incredible afterwards, believe me, I've never had such an instant change in a horse. She was light, not eating the bit, resting her mouth, and super responsive to my rein aids. I don't know what it was about the darned stretcher, but something clicked for her today. I can't wait to see where she goes from here. :)
I also want to say that today I went to work with Caitlin's mustang, Halona. She'll be mentioned plenty in her, from now on, as she is a huge part of my mustang journey. I'd like to say Halona was the mustang before the mustang who started it all. Meeting Halona and Caitlin last winter, I had NO idea I'd end up with a mustang the same age as hers, only, maybe, six months later. Crazy... Anyway, Z has given me so much insight into the mind of a mustang, that after four months not working with her, and two or three weeks of absolutely no work, we were able to pick up right where we left off. Bit, saddle, lunging, and we even learned some steering today.
I love mustangs.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Makeover Wrap-Up

First off, it's completely surreal that the competition has come and gone. Crazy, crazy, crazy. It was absolutely incredible to finally meet everyone and put faces to facebook names. :) I was so impressed with how everyone handled themselves and their horses regardless of how far they had come in training. This mustang community is one that I am completely blessed to be a part of.
So Z was perfect for me all weekend, granted she didn't know half the stuff I asked of her. She kept her head and didn't spook at hardly anything. By the last day, she was COMPLETELY done though, lol. She kept looking at me like "Mom. Take me home, let me eat grass and roll around." Honestly, though, what a professional little girl. In the pattern class on Saturday, we counted canter, but goodness did she trot around that ring like a little hunter princess. I was over the moon with her. She gave me her everything in anything I asked her to do. Everyone who came by her stall got a slice of her personality with her banging her buckets all hours of the day and night. For anyone who cares how we ended up, we were 19th overall (preliminary, obviously not going to the finals). 19TH. Could I possibly, in any way, have asked for something more from my little girl? Nope. Perfection. She was so respectful and tried her little heart out in that big scary ring with all the scary people.
For anyone who was still wondering, after all this, who got to take her home, it was ME. She was a little grump during the auction, but it worked for us. The auctioneer asked us to ride around and what did my stinker do? Took off bucking like a crazy horse. She was so done with me being on her, but people still wanted her. I mean, who wouldn't, she's gorgeous, feisty, smart, and a ham on the ground. :) but yep, she's with me forever now.
That leads me to my next point. I've had such an overwhelming response to this blog that I've been considering continuing it as a sporadic update blog on the stang girl. What do you guys think? Is it something y'all would be interested in? I mean, I really want to kind of make Z an unofficial mustang representative in the area, and I think this would be a good way for everyone to keep up with us. But it's up to anyone who reads this. Let me know. :)

Getting some love from passing children. <3

Lots of (happy) tears after the adoption.