Thursday, December 19, 2013

End of the Year

*Warning: Extreme overuse of positive adjectives and adverbs.
Sitting here, thinking back, trying to figure out what to write, I cannot believe everything that has happened in the last year. There are so many people who have so greatly influenced my life that I didn't even know before this year. It absolutely blows my mind. This time, last year, mustangs were hardly a blip on my radar, and now they are an every day part of my life.
If I sat and named every life-changing person or moment, we'd all be here all week, and I'm sure no one wants that. But, really, my whole mustang family. I am so blessed to know each and every one of you. Each of you has influenced my life in some way, shape or form, whether we have met or just spoken online or (for so many of you in the MM family) if I've just seen your updates.
2013 has definitely been the most wild year of my life. I've experienced crazy highs and crazy lows and it has truly taught me so much about life both in and out of the horse world. From deciding to do the Makeover and meeting and working with Z, to losing my incredible, beloved Mia (and dealing with the subsequent nightmare that is finally over) to resuming real life, I have felt myself grow stronger and more empathetic and in-tune with both two-and four-legged friends and family.
Now that I am truly ending the year, I have received an awesome opportunity. I am so excited to announce that come the New Year, I will be joining Raise Your Dreams Farm (Woodstown, NJ) as a riding instructor. RYD is a lesson facility run by the truly blessed, beautiful inside and out, Jill Mansor. I am more than stoked to start working with Jill and her multitude of students. I think it will be a great opportunity and definitely the perfect place to learn about instructing.
I want to take this time to thank, from the bottom of my heart, each and every person who has ever read this blog. Whenever I look at the stats for it, I am blown away that people from the U.S. and other countries have clicked on to this page almost 4,500 times. It's crazy to think about the reach I've been able to have simply by sharing my journey with my lovely, intelligent, talented, beautiful, sweet, athletic, wild girl.
I look forward to sharing my adventures with all of you in this coming year, both with Z (it'll be her first year as an event horse!) and Raise Your Dreams Farm.
Have a Merry Christmas and a safe, prosperous and happy New Year. <3